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Contests Have Their New Home

Chazz stands for More

Okay, I know I had said the poll would be up for a week, but the results were so overwhelming, I’ve gone ahead with the 89% of you who wanted the contests moved so we could try and get more of them up. So here’s how it works.

The contests no longer appear here on the front page. They do, however, appear in the Recent Posts thing on the right hand side of the front page. They also have their own feed–they don’t appear in the site feed any longer–so that you contest junkies and you content junkies can each have your own place to play. And if you want both–and if you do, man, we love you lots–then you can subscribe to both. Here’s the main site feed (now without contests) and the contest feed (for just contests, natch).

I’ve made the contest feed be just excerpt-only, since 99% of the time, the submission form doesn’t work through a feed. That way you can see very quickly what’s what and decide what to enter. And that puts those pesky forms away from the main feed, where they were a bit cluttery. I like having the full post in the regular feed because I find I’m more likely to read a post if it’s right there and I don’t have to click through. We’ve all gotten so damn lazy (and pressed for time), haven’t we?

For those of you who get your site info via the daily e-mail bit, you can get contests the same way here.

We will be posting info on the front page, though, about contests from time to time, to make sure they don’t completely disappear–especially if we think we’ve got a contest that will appeal to everybody. Those will take place in the Admin category. Like here:

Right now new to contests are Sabrina the Teenage Witch Season 5, the Indiana Jones soundtracks (the three good ones), Beverly Hillbillies Season 3, and the $100 A&E Universe Megaset.

So thanks for taking part–and thanks to everybody. We always want to make the site cooler and better–as always, we welcome all feedback to widgett at need coffee dot com. We read every e-mail that comes in even if we don’t respond. We love you to bits with grenades of pure emotion. Which is a great band name, I hasten to add.

Image from here, which is too much fun.