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Your Weekend Justice #21: No Gravy in the Mouth of Madness

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And we’re back. After our brief sojourn in that place that some call reality. Sorry for the lateness–day was hell.


  • Widge’s favorite joke, such that it is
  • Even more innuendo involving Jon
  • Catching up with Doc
  • Doc and his many, many degrees
  • The trouble with college loans
  • Stand and Deliver
  • The saga of Doc’s teaching career
  • George Lowe
  • Ice Cube and Jason smoking pot together
  • We’re using code names
  • H.P. Lovecraft‘s Fast Times at Ridgemont High
  • The definition of a prop
  • This is Why You’re Fat
  • What Jon won’t eat
  • Jon’s Domino’s past
  • Jon Miserables
  • “The Siege Roast”
  • Gravy: the dealbreaker
  • Someone please help Rox with her dryer
  • Crap connoisseur
  • Head cheese
  • The Gut of Madness Contest

Thanks to Jon from The Unique Geek for helping us sound good.

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