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Headsup: Red Nose Net Video Marathon

Happy Nano, mascot of Red Nose Net

For those of you who haven’t noticed already (and also for those of you that have), Red Nose Net relaunched. This year’s Red Nose Day to benefit Comic Relief UK is happening March 13th. Now–we’re not officially affiliated with Comic Relief UK–not one iota–but we know a good cause when we see it. And our task is to get you to A) donate to Comic Relief (do that here, in fact), 2) participate in the Red Nose Net fracas, and III) have a good time doing all of the above.

We’ve got some great folks who have already signed on to help us with the cause (you can see the list on the Red Nose Net site), but Ken Plume and I are going to do our part to raise awareness and participate in the Red Nose mayhem.

We are going to get on live streaming video starting at noon on March 13th and we’re not going to stop streaming us on camera for twenty-four hours. That’s right, apart from trips to the fridge for caffeine and bathroom breaks, we’re going to be broadcasting live. It’s going to be completely mental.

So keep an eye on the official site. Follow us on Twitter. And mark your calendars. Because on March 13th, the magic will happen. And you’re going to want to be there, not only for the good of the charity, but for the comedy of watching two grown men start to melt down after the ninth hour.