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Threadless: Nice Kitty. Niiiice Kitty.

Threadless: Lightsaber-toothed tiger

Another week, another round of cool stuff from Threadless. While the skull dipped in chocolate was nice, and indeed, the ice cream dispensing vehicle run by mildly sinister snowmen was also good (and black), I think we’ve got to go with the lightsaber-toothed tiger shown here. As I discussed with Dindrane, the lightsabers ensure he can eat cooked meat if he feels like it, which, Dindrane was quick to point out, would cut down considerably on parasite meds.

A quick idea for an updated version of the shirt: print it on black and let the glowy bits actually glow in the dark. Even without that, we dig it. But I was serious about the “on black” part. Thanks.


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