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Night of the Living Animated Dead

Ben from Night of the Living Dead, animated

Night of the Living Dead has had just about as much stuff happen to it as can happen to a film. It’s been colorized. It’s been remade twice (once with mostly negative results by Tom Savini and another time in 3-D). It’s been revised. It’s been the flagship of a genre, it’s been the flagship of a franchise. It’s had not only movie sequels, but comic book sequels (the UK one written by Clive Barker, in fact–it’s not bad).

I personally think it would make a great opera. And I’m not kidding. But now somebody’s remaking the film–with animation. Basically they’re rotoscoping it (translation into layman-speak: Ralph Bakshi) into a shot-for-animated-shot reworking. While the idea of doing this film in color at all is anathema to me (I could go on and on about what a gorgeous example it is of black and white filmmaking), I am intrigued about the idea of doing this (I assume with new images and the existing dialogue) just because it’s so goddamn weird.

Just so long as Ben (pictured) doesn’t get a trusty talking animal comic relief sidekick, I think I’m willing to give this a chance. Thoughts?

Found via Cartoon Brew. For more info, check out the filmmakers’ blog here.


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