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Cinematic Titanic: Soon They’ll Making Another Run…

Cinematic Titanic Live

So they’ve released some DVDs (like this one). They’ve made you laugh at some of the worst films ever made. They’ve lurked at the fringes of your consciousness. But now they’re ignoring the restraining order and coming to your town to perform live on your stage. This assumes, naturally, that you live in one of these towns and own one of these stages. But regardless: egad, it’s Cinematic Titanic Live. And not just performing live but performing live twice so each town gets two movie experiences. Fantastic. Here is the list:

  • Atlanta – May 15th/16th – Alliance Theatre at the Woodruff Arts Center
  • Phoenix – May 22nd & 23rd – The Piper Theatre at the Mesa Arts Center
  • Portland – May 29th & 30th – Newmark
  • Dallas – June 5th & 6th – Lakewood Theatre
  • Philadelphia – June 12th & 13th – Trocadero

To snag tickets and for more details, check out their official site.