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To the Winners Go the Treats!

Dog Treats

Ironweed winners are Doug Hawkins of California, William Harbour of New York, and Juan Villalobos of Georgia

Stiletto will be poking Ellen Sims of Texas, Nancy Shuman of North Carolina, and Julia Eddy of California

Pam Burns of Kansas, Faye Elliot of Louisiana, Nancy Gruzleski of Ohio, Lynda Burton of British Columbia, and Adam Landes of Michigan have won Andy Richter Controls the Universe

My Wife & Kids Season 1 will be visiting Marcy Orrock of Alabama, Annie Thomas of North Dakota, and Dallan Elk of Georgia

Girls Next Door Season 4 will be borrowing a cup of sugar from Diane Webb of Tennessee, Oscar Bryson of Arkansas, and Christopher Harner of California

Transporter 3 will shortly be transported to Clark Rosen of Oregon, Nan Hallman of Massachussets, David Moon of Pennsylvania, Peter Piotto of Washington, and Diane Flom of Minnesota

And Ricky Gervais: Out of England will be staying on this side of the pond with Karrie Millheim of Florida, Anne Dozier of Wisconsin, Stuart Dillard of Ohio, Patricia Reynolds of New York, and Peggy Loewer of Wisconsin

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