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Geek Draft: The Winner

Geek Draft

I know I’ve said this many times before but thank you for playing. I was kinda worried if people would sign up and then continue to the finish. But Rox, Astan, DoninikH, Leigh, evrwrldBB, and Kebe stayed to the bitter end. But how I have to figure out who won. But I think you all did a great job. In other words, please don’t hate me if you didn’t win.

I used several criteria for judging. The originally of the choices made, how well the group would work in a team, how well balanced the team was, and how well the team could handle anything that the Vault through at them. After some considering, I came up with a winner.

DominikH, congratulations. You are the winner of Geek Draft. Your team of Batman, Doctor Manhattan, MacGyver, Kate Libby a.k.a. Acid Burn, and The Saint of Killers was well balanced in terms of technical knowledge, strategic thinking, and ass-kicking. It was also well balanced in terms of classic picks as well as choices slightly off the beaten track.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions on how to improve Geek Draft, please email me at Because I already have an idea for the next Geek Draft. So keep an eye on to see when Geek Draft 2: Draft Harder is ready to go.