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Win Rifftrax: Swing Parade on DVD!

Rifftrax: Swing Parade DVD cover art

In this corner, The Three Stooges, with their 1946 film Swing Parade. And in this corner, Los Rifftrax: Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy & Michael J. Nelson. That’s right, it’s Rifftrax…leaping from their website onto your DVD player. Or at least this time, they do so free of illegitimate downloading! This is out this week from Legend Films–and they were kind enough to send us a pair of them to give away. What a deal.

To enter, use the form below. Then come back tomorrow and use it again, we’ll show that form! (We let you enter once a day, in other words.) If we draw your name from the prize sombrero when all is said and overdone, then you win. Good luck!

And psst…while you’re waiting to see whether or not you scored the good stuff, you can always find more of The Mad Trio of Rifftraxia by going to their official site.

Contest is closed! Thanks for playing.

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