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Happy Birthday, Cirque du Soleil

John from Quidam

So Cirque du Soleil turns 25 today. And if you haven’t seen Cirque live, then you’re missing a trick. And you probably should fix that. Because…well, let me just show you this.

This is from Quidam. And when I saw this live in Atlanta, at about 3:13 into this video is when I became a fan of Cirque for life. Just watch.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

That might not work for you. But it still works for me. And I think it’s moments like that which made Quidam my favorite…where it’s remained, though I’ve seen every touring show since. And I should probably get my arse to Vegas quickly, before they open more shows there than I could possibly afford to see.

After the break is probably one of my two favorite acts in all of Cirque-dom, the other being the trampoline madness known as the “power track,” (which I first saw in Orlando at La Nouba) although I couldn’t find a good enough vid to post here. But this–the Wheel of Death–was one of the really impressive bits from Kooza.

You can find our other Cirque-related stuff here, BTW.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Happy 25th, Cirque. Thank you for your madness–and I say this on behalf of similarly mad people everywhere.

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