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Exclusive News From Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

You know that we are big fans of Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs. Who wouldn’t love people who design a perfume based on Cthulhu. Well, they decided to give us a peak behind the curtain and gave us an exclusive sneak preview on some of their upcoming fragrances and special projects.

  • sunbird

    Following on last year’s success of the limited edition chapbook/scent pairing of The Neil’s “Snow, Glass, Apples,” Black Phoenix is doing the same with another of Gaiman’s short stories: “Sunbird”. Julie Dillon also returns to illustrate a tale of how far some will go in their passion for gastronomy. This will be premiering at San Diego Comic-Con along with another release based on Gaiman’s story collection, Fragile Things. But you will have to wait to find out about that; Black Phoenix likes to leave you wanting more.

    As anyone who has read the story can guess, the scent consists of

    …red sandalwood and patchouli, vanilla beans, lavender twigs and sage and cinnamon leaves, whole nutmegs, garlic bulbs, cloves, and rosemary.

    After sampling the scent, it is quite heavenly. Spicy, but light enough to accent the flesh, not to burn.

  • [ad#shortpost]

    strangers in paradise omnibus
  • Also premiering at SDCC is another pairing, this time with Terry Moore’s Eisner award winning comic Strangers In Paradise. This unconventional comic follows best friends Francine, Katchoo, and David as they deal with life, love, and international criminal conspiracies. (Told you it was unconventional.)

    I think I’ll let the press release from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund explain how special this is:

    Limited to 26 copies, the SiP Omnibus Lettered Edition includes: One set of the strictly limited three-volume hardcover SiP Omnibus edition, an original drawing by Terry Moore, and a bottle of “Parker Lily,” a fragrance based on Terry Moore’s beloved epic created by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, and strictly limited to 26 bottles.

    Did you get that? Only 26 bottle. You can get this amazing set through the CBDLF. And when you think about it, how hard is it to rob a bank, really?

  • Black Phoenix has been creating exclusive horror themed series for Dark Delicacies, the only brick and mortar store devoted to horror books, DVDs, and gifts. One of these scent series, Summer Blockbusters, features fragrances based on Japanese Horror, Italian Giallo, and German Impressionist Horror. Of course, being based on movies, there need to be a sequel. The next set will premiere on July 17th and we got a couple exclusive samples of Psychological Horror and Gothic Horror. Gothic Horror is rich with decayed elegance, dark secrets, and abnormal passions. Psychological Horror is almost antiseptic like from the asylum, but there is an undertone of something mysterious and dangerous. I wonder what they were saying by sending us those two…? Hmmmm. Anyway, the rest of the set should be just as interesting.
  • Ah, but I have saved the best for last. Black Phoenix has based scents on the works of H. P. Lovecraft, Neil Gaiman, and Lewis Carroll. Now you can add Mike Mignola to that list. Yes, Hellboy, the World’s Greatest Paranormal Investigator, his friends and enemies are going to inspire some fabulous fragrances. I got a sample of the Kroenen and it definitely evokes the leather and strange alchemical ingredients that keep the Nazi scientist/assassin on this earth. This will go out as soon as Mike Mignola signs off on the artwork, so soon you can smell like the Beast of the Apocalypse.

    For more information on Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, make sure you keep one eye open and pointed at their site. Trust us, they’ll be watching you back.