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From the Archives: Potter, Trek and More

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In an effort to drag our ten years’ worth of archives kicking and screaming into the cold unblinking light of the 21st Century (remember, the site’s been around for 11+ years), ScottC has been spearheading the effort to get a bunch of pages converted into WordPress from their original HTML versions. The oldest from this batch is from 1998.

We’ve pulled up the Harry Potter reviews, including both the movie review and DVD review of Sorcerer’s Stone and the DVD review for Chamber of Secrets. We have two movie reviews for it, from myself and Catalyst.

And we’ve pulled up–trying to get our array of Trek stuff into WordPress–the DVD reviews for Voyage Home, Final Frontier and Nemesis.

And in the random department, both the movie reviews for Robert Downey Jr. in Two Girls in a Guy and Russell Crowe in The Insider have been updated as well.