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Win The New York Giants: Top 10 Games on DVD!

NFL: New York Giants - 10 Greatest Games DVD cover art

I know very little about the NFL or football in general. I know about soccer, the British football, more because I spent a few years playing it as a kid. I say “playing,” but in actuality I mean “stood around on a field in cleats and stared off into space.” So I can only tell you what I see here–that it’s the Top 10 Games of The New York Giants, and it spans 1987 through 2008. Ten games in their broadcast entirety, available from the NFL and Warner Brothers. We do have a copy of this set here–and if we draw your name when the contest ends you win it. To get your name in, enter using the form below. And then come back and do it tomorrow because we let you do that. Good luck!

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