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Win Sanctuary Season 1 on DVD!

Sanctuary: The Complete First Season DVD cover art

It’s the first season of Sanctuary hitting DVD from E1 Entertainment with thirteen episodes across four discs. The show’s on The Channel Formerly Known as Sci-Fi and here’s what they have to say for themselves:

The world is full of nature’s mistakes and triumphs, and few understand that as well as Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping, Stargate SG-1). The daughter of the most brilliant and controversial medical researcher of Victorian England, the mysterious doctor has devoted her life – one that happens to have lasted for over 150 years — to rescuing “abnormals” – those who’ve been dismissed as monstrous figments of our imaginations. For over a century, she has run the Sanctuary, a place where she is able to track, protect and learn from the extraordinary and paranormal creatures that inhabit our world, as well as delve into the rich evolution and diversity of life. Along with her new recruit, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Will Zimmerman (Robin Dunne, American Psycho II, The Skulls II), her quirky tech wiz Henry (Ryan Robbins) and her fearless daughter Ashley (Emilie Ullerup), the Sanctuary team must face their darkest fears and their worst nightmares in order to provide a safe haven for the monsters that lurk in the shadows.

We’ve got five copies of the DVD to giveaway thanks to our friends at E1. And this is what we call a gold contest–so to find out about that and how you take advantage of the fun, go here. To get a chance to win, enter using the form below. And enter once a day. And if we draw your name when the contest ends, then you win. It’s that simple. Good luck!

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