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More Panning for Archival Gold

Gold prospector
*Not* ScottC

ScottC, head of the Needcoffee Archaeological Society, is in charge of the project to get old content from its boring original HTML form and into WordPress. Here are some things that were freed with a few blows of his mighty pick axe. (Which sounds like a euphemism…but is not.)

  • On the Pixar side of the house, our Monsters Inc. DVD Review.
  • For documentaries, Anne Frank Remembered and John Cleese’s The Human Face
  • For anime: some Strange Dawn; Burn Up Excess; Jin-Roh; and a take on Alice in Wonderland, Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland
  • Movies about teenagers, some more grown than others: Grease; Not Another Teen Movie; Pretty in Pink; The Breakfast Club; The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
  • Comedies, some more successful than others: Soul Man; Punchline; and the classic Big Trouble in Little China
  • Prepping for the new Sherlock Holmes movie, we yanked out a pair of Jeremy Brett DVD releases for both feature films and television.
  • Continuing to pull out our Star Trek reviews, here’s Star Trek VI and the third season of Voyager
  • On the action front, Iron Monkey, Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs
  • And as we start to prep for this year’s 32 Days of Halloween, here’s White Zombie
  • And also, a Promethea comic review.
  • Image.