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The Curmudgeon for September 2009

'Coffee' by Motel Motel from the album The New Denver

A lot has been made of the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock. Happy Birthday Woodstock. Thanks for 40 years of really annoying people.

Noel Gallagher has left Oasis. Is anyone really surprised?

A band with some buzz behind them is Brooklyn’s Motel Motel. The band is touring in support of their new record The New Denver (click here to buy). Tour of the UK and Egypt are forthcoming.

The Revolting Cocks are back again are touring in support of Sex-O Mixxx-O, their new remix album, which is due out September 29th. (Click here to pre-order.)

London 0 Null 4 the debut from Hull’s The Housemartins has been reissued with extra tracks and session recordings. (Click here to buy.)

October sees the release of the entire Jesus Lizard catalog in a remastered form. (Click here to pre-order.)

[ad#longpost]Kraftwerk is also getting the reissue treatment with shiny clean remasters of their albums. They will be released on October 6th with a boxed set, The Catalogue, following on November 17th. (Click here to pre-order.)

The Stone Roses debut album is now 20. The self titled record has been given a makeover with extra tracks, demos and stuff. (Click here to buy.)

If you haven’t had enough of reissue mania then perhaps you should check out The Beatles catalog, which has just been remastered and reissued. The difference is incredibly noticeable as these recordings bring a clarity and focus to their work previous unnoticed. One the early records the rawness seeps out and as the band matures the subtleties of their recordings become complex and ambitious. (Click here to buy.)

Suggs and the City

Besides putting out the lovely new Madness record, The Liberty of Norton Folgate, the band’s singer has penned a book, Suggs & the City: My Journeys Through Disappearing London. (Click here to buy.)

The Rakes‘ third album Klang is finally getting an American release next month. A short US tour is following in the fall.

Calvin Harris is touring the States this fall with a handful of club DJ dates to support his new record Ready for the Weekend. (Click here to buy.)

The Heavy have released a new album, The House That Dirt Built. (Click here to buy.)

The Cruxshadows have released a new single entitled “Quicksilver.” They will be touring Eastern Europe this autumn.

Michel Gondry has been pleased with the video for “{15} Amphetamine” by Old Wives’ Tale, giving it the “Audience Choice Award” over at’s Video Music Awards:

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Pioneering DJ Frankie Knuckles is back in October with a new mix CD, Motivation 100, on Nervous records. He’ll be spinning in a few clubs to support the release.

Julian Casablanca of The Strokes has gone solo releasing his debut sans band, Phrazes For The Young. (Click here to buy.)

Julian Plenti is the alias of Paul Banks of Interpol. His solo debut, Julian Plenti Is… Skyscraper is out now on Matador. (Click here to buy.)

'Get Going' by Headlights from the album Wildlife

Wildlife is the title of the third LP by Headlights. If you like great power pop and great melodies this is the band for you. (Click here to buy.)

Sonic Youth has postponed several US dates after an injury to Lee Ranaldo.

The Rifles are back with Great Escape on 679/Nettwerk. This UK band’s debut was largely overlooked in these parts however this record is going to change all of that. (Click here to buy.)

Forever Until Victory is the title of the best of from The Close Lobsters. (Click here to buy.)

Blackroc is the new hip hop alter ego of The Black Keys. Their debut drops in the autumn and features RZA, ODB and a host of hip hop luminaries. (Click here to buy.)

Echo & the Bunnymen are releasing The Fountain this October with a super short US tour to follow. (Click here to buy.)

John Lydon is reform Public Image Limited for some UK dates in December. It’s all to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the PIL record Metal Box.

Leonard Cohen is touring the States this fall. He’s a national treasure so do not miss out.

As if you do not have enough to worry about! The pandemic known as Third Eye Blind has released a brand new album.

The Happy Hollows are a great band from LA. Their debut Spells is coming out next month. They will be huge. (Click here to buy.)

Update: Apparently we can’t find a video of “Faces” that will let us embed it here. So…oh well.

That said, with all the reissues and reformed groups happening you think there would be some great new music around. Well, that’s next month!