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32 Days of Halloween III, Day 12: The Pit and the Pendulum

Pit and the Pendulum

Well, today is Poe‘s funeral here in Baltimore, so I figure we should break with whatever tradition and focus on Poe stuff today. I didn’t figure you’d mind terribly much, especially when I can lead off with a trailer such as this…

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Vincent Price doing his thing, yes. And hey, Paul Frees providing the voice of the trailer! But don’t you just feel sorry for John Kerr? The only thing he gets is an admission that he’s in a “challenging role.” That’s like the trailer voice equivalent of saying “God love him.” That film is available as part of a double feature DVD.

Anyway, perhaps you would want all the Price and a bit less of the liberal adaptation of the work? Okay, well press on. I have something for you.

That’s right, it’s Price and he really, truly rocks the house on this one. This is, of course, from the aforementioned Evening With Edgar Allan Poe, which is available as part of a double feature here.

For those wanting to check out the archives, we posted some spoooky Disney bits last year. And two years back, it was the trailer for I Bury the Living.

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