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Threadless Hallow-Tees Sale: The Maniacs Are Loose

Please hear the rest of this post in your head in the style of the following trailer. Thank you.

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Where were we? Oh yes. Another Threadless sale. We tell you about these things because, frankly, we dig the hell out of Threadless and because they–especially on sale–make for great gifts. Especially in their kid sizes.

Shark 3D shirt from Threadless

This time the Threadless sale is for all Halloween-themed shirts. $10 each. Which we can definitely get behind. In addition to the new newness like “Three Dimensions of Terror” (pictured above), my perennial favorite that I have to wear vicariously through you people, “Vampire,” and the new inspired zombie tee, “The Horde.” And a bunch more.

The catch is…it’s only going until 11AM Eastern Time tomorrow. And they do have a tendency to sell out of sale items. So I say mosey with a swiftness over there and get some shopping done. You get cool shirts, and we get kickbacks. Everybody wins.