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Tauntaun Sleeping Bag For Reals

Let me admit something to you: I’m not what you would call a full-on Star Wars fan. Oh sure, I enjoyed the hell out of the first trilogy, warts and all. And like most sane people among you, I sobbed–like a little girl whose favorite hamster has just been ignited by a spray of flaming WD-40–when I realized what the prequel trilogy had devolved the series into. But I never really got into the various other bits of media–you know, like the books or comics. And I’m sure there’s a fandom term amongst Star Wars geeks for basic fans like myself.

So it’s not because I dig Empire Strikes Back the most (like most sane people) that I find myself terribly excited about the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag from ThinkGeek. Hell, as nifty as I think they are, I’m not even geeked at the prospect of owning one. Instead, I’m thrilled because I like the notion of living in a world where something as sick as a sleeping bag based on a scene in which a character cut open and slept inside the carcass of an animal–a sleeping bag originally conceived as a joke, mind you–can become real and be sold.

We have to take joy in the little things. You can pre-order your own twisted sleeping bag here. They appear to be in stock starting 11/29.