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The Prophecy is True: More Winners!


Morgan Crestin of Nebraska, Carolyn Ward of Indiana, Jessica M. Mui of Ilinois, Rosalie Ferris of Massachusetts, and Gold Level Member Bryan Wilson of Georgia will slip on their shades with CSI Miami: Season 7

Olivia Stetts of Mississippi, Rose Eframm of Iowa, Benjamin Zip of Pennsylvania, Maryjol Gillette of California and Gold Level Member Carol Cowles of North Carolina are headed for a romantic ride with Camille.

Gloria Mitchell of British Columbia, Craig Meits of New York, Parson Ellis of Kentucky, Monica Jacobs of Wisconsin, and
Diamond Level Member Andrew Bennett-Conner of Georgia will get thrills and chills with Friday the 13th: Final Season

Steve Jasper of Wyoming, Sarah White of Minnesota, Marsha Cosgrove of Massachusetts, Thomas Gibson of Indiana, and Ronald Methvin of Florida win Fear Itelf.

Aiden Lantz of Maryland will be laughing along with Rifftrax Shorts.

Adrienne Pauls of Montana, Peter Everheart of Arkansas, April Bever of Oklahoma, Leslie Dovey of Pennsylvania, and Diamond Level Member Dan Donald of Florida will be safe with Sanctuary: Season 1.

Ned Masters of South Dakota, Sarah Beth Pickens of Kansas, Toni Rainnes of North Carolina, Michael Hurley of Massachusetts, and Unobtainium Level Member Peter White of Georgia get to take a ride with Taxi: Season 4.

Ben Isaacs of Texas, Paul Gillingham of Newfoundland and Labrador, and John Jacobs of Wyoming win Fringe Season 1 on Blu-Ray.

Mary Jo Scranton of Mississippi, Dawn Reid of California, Ellen Parks of Rhode Island, Mike Smith of Indiana, and Gold Level Member Kimberly Gahrahmat of California will be getting chills with Ghost Whisperer: Season 4.

Eileen Jacks of Washington and Edward Krantz of Illinois get to tap their feet to the tunes of the Willie Nelson Special

Chris James of Missouri will kick some ass with The Unit: The Complete Series Gift Set

Jillian Black of Ontario will be laughing at the antics of Wallace & Gromit: Matter of Loaf and Death

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