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SCIENCE! Sugar vs. High Fructose Corn Syrup Part 2!

Mountain Dew Throwback Round 2 design

So a few months ago I started thinking: all health bits aside, should I be so gung ho about sugar vs. high fructose corn syrup from a taste perspective? I did a blind triangle taste test and surprised myself with the results. One of the things I couldn’t do at the time–since back then there wasn’t any left to be found–was pit Mountain Dew against Mountain Dew Throwback to see if I could taste the difference. But now, Mountain Dew Throwback is finally back and hit Atlanta the other day. So that very night I sat in front of my webcam and tried it out. And here is what happened:

Direct link for the feedreaders.

While your results may obviously vary, I urge everybody to try this for themselves. Post the results in the comments if you like. I’m intrigued to know what other people find.

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  • I drink Pepsi Throwback. I’m old enough to remember days before HFCS in soft drinks. I MUCH prefer the taste of sugar in Pepsi! Being diabetic I drink little of it though. I checked my glucose levels after a HFCS Pepsi vs Sugar Pepsi and it confirmed to me that I will eat NOTHING with HFCS ever again. WOW! Up a little with sugar but thru the roof with high fructose corm syrup! Read labels, it’s in everything! Sugar just tastes better in soft drinks! Thanks you Pepsico for giving us a choice!

  • As an avid Mountain Dew drinker, I thought I’d try the “throwback” version. Perhaps it was just me, or the one can I drank, but I could immediately tell the difference and I didn’t like it. I actually thought it tasted kind of gross. However, I’m the kind of guy that can tell the difference between can and bottle, and always prefer can.

  • I have recently been drinking the Mountain Dew Throwback. At first, I didn’t like it; however, I’m beginning to like the taste. I, too, can tell the difference between a bottle and a can. I actually prefer the bottle. It tastes so much better to me.
    It is interesting that the high fructose made Terie’s sugar rise quite alot; while the sugar only made it go up just a little bit. I’m going to have to test this on myself. While I’m not a diabetic, diabetes does run in my family and I will have to keep a check on this in the future. I have been told that hfcs is very bad for us.

  • I started drinking original Mountain Dew when I was a kid when my grandfather introduced it to me. As they changed and went to HFCS, I knew the difference. When Throwback came out for both Pepsi and Mountain Dew, I no longer buy the other. I drink only the Throwback… I am so happy they have brought this back….

  • I can tell the difference right away too! I personally don’t care for the Throw Back. I gives an after taste that reminds me of Aspertame.