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Some Sync Over the Rainbow #1: Sgt. Pepper’s

Second Playthrough


  • The first round of “I get by with a little help from my friends” is when the Tin Man is getting his mobility back thanks to Dorothy and the Scarecrow
  • “…and you’re gone.” The witch, having attacked our heroes with a fireball, vanishes in a puff of smoke.
  • Again, “Getting Better” comes in at exactly the wrong time. They’re in the forest, afraid, pre-Lion.
  • Bert Lahr is a genius.
  • Okay, “She’s Leaving Home” makes even less sense the second time around. Yeah, “She’s Leaving Home” meets the poppy sequence. Not a sausage there.
  • We could have had the Henry the Horse/horse of a different color matchup as well, but no dice, we’re still at least a minute away from the horse appearing on screen. They’re still dealing with the gatekeeper.
  • “Within Without You” starts right after the gates to Oz open. And it’s just…not working.
  • If we had “behind a wall of illusion” coupled with the Wizard appearing…that would have been nice. But we’re a ways off in the film.
  • I just noticed the water in Oz appears to be all lime Kool-Aid. Or green beer. Let’s go with beer.
  • Okay, now “When I’m 64” is coming on again while Bert Lahr is in the middle of tearing up “King of the Forest.” Totally not working. Except the song ended at the exact second the gatekeeper shut the door.
  • And here comes “Lovely Rita” again. With Dorothy crying because she can’t see the Wizard. So…yeah, this second run through the album is a freaking disaster.
  • And…”Good Morning” again. With them being menaced by the Wizard’s light, fire and smokeshow. So…yeah, I got nothin’.
  • With the second run of the reprise, we’re introduced to Haunted Forest. So again, there’s nothing at all syncing up. Also, I will never get sick of the fact that The Scarecrow is packing heat.
  • The second run of “A Day in the Life” starts with the Wicked Witch observing the Lion in her crystal ball. So…yeah.
  • And we come to the second run of the album ending with Dorothy seeing Auntie Em in the crystal ball. With no syncs since…Jesus, since the second “Lucy”
Third Playthrough
  • Third run through the album has our heroes climbing up to rescue Dorothy. So…nothing.
  • The Winkies are marching outside the castle on the first “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” which is amusing but…I’m desperate. I’ll count it.
  • It would be hilarious if the sand ran out of the hourglass and even with Dorothy free of the room, she dropped dead. Did I say hilarious? Sorry, I meant sad. Very sad. This whole sequence took place during “With a Little Help From My Friends” so we’ll count that for an overall sync. I guess.
  • The third “Lucy” run through has our heroes trying to flee the Witch and her minions in the castle. So yeah, there’s not much happening.
  • I’m getting bored waiting for something to sync up. Has anyone else noticed that the Witch’s broom looks like one of the pungent cinnamon brooms from the holidays? No? Okay.
  • Third run on “Getting Better” and we’re back in the Wizard’s chamber. They’ve just been told that killing the Witch wasn’t enough and the Wizard demands a shrubbery. Oh hey, there’s Frank Morgan again. He is fantastic.
  • “I used to be angry young man, hiding me head in the sand” is when Dorothy confronts the Wizard…but yeah, that’s lame. Not even I can count that one.
  • Now that the prizes are being handed out by the Wizard, “Getting Better” would work but now he hasn’t even gotten the Lion his medal yet and we’re off to “Fixing a Hole” for a third time.
  • Hey, “She’s Leaving Home” is coming back up…if it coincides well with the balloon sequence then we might be onto something.
  • Yeah, we’re not. Halfway through the first verse the balloon is revealed, but it’s just not doing anything for me.
  • “How could she do this to me?” while Dorothy is looking after the Wizard’s departing balloon…yeah, that doesn’t work. Never mind.
  • Aw, man, again if she had woken up in Kansas on “she is far away” it would have been perfect. But nothing. Glinda just showed.
  • “Mr. Kite” is back for a third time and again, is making even less sense coupled with the film.
  • “A splendid time is guaranteed for all” was dead-on with her clicking her heels together. Nice.
  • If the circus music, again, had coincided with the start of the “returning home” sequence, that would have been awesome. But too late. And the music bit runs too long. Although the circus bit ends when the camera pulls back to reveal Auntie Em, so I suppose that’s…very little, yes, but I’ll allow it.
  • “Behind a wall of illusion” – Dorothy talking about where she’s been and that the others were there
  • “We were talking about the love we all could share” — Dorothy’s making her final speech about home being where the heart is. And that’s probably the best sync of the entire run. And…we’re out.

Total number of syncs: 30. Not a lot of impressive ones, to be certain. So can we say that The Beatles wrote Sgt. Pepper’s with Oz in mind? Not unless they were on some serious drugs, that’s for sure.

Wait. Hold on a sec–

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  • For some reason, I love these things. I even bought a few synched DVDs some years ago. There are some great ones out there with Pink Floyd’s Echoes synching with the Jupiter & Beyond The Infinite sequence of 2001, and the big travelling sequence at the end of Contact.
    Also Disney’s Alice In Wonderland syncs up with The Wall spectacularly, which you can find in it’s entirety on Google Video.
    Of course, it’s not MEANT to happen that way, there wasn’t a projector running while Pink was recording their albums. It’s just the way the mind puts things together. Still, it’s fun to watch and think about on a rainy day.