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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: The Terrifying World of the Big Jets


Each week we try to give you something just a little deranged to jump start your descent into work mayhem. That way the rest of the week can only go uphill from there. Well, it made sense in the lab.

Anyway, this week we have something you should probably not watch if you’re about to fly. Simply because you might have nightmares about being in a plane piloted by this guy. Never trust somebody who hallucinates little people with propellers on their heads. Not to mention the disturbing bit with the baby. After this video, you’ll probably want to take the train.

In case you find this too disturbing, we have a sorbet to the sorbet with a much less frightening little person. You’re welcome.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Found via the maniacs at Everything is Terrible.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

“Falling Hare” can be found on the third volume of The Looney Tunes Collection.