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Music Monday: Franken Keytar From Planet Hell

Jordan Bartee

I’m impressed by anybody who can make things, in the full-on Make sense of the word. Myself, I can barely string words together. So anybody who can affect physical things and create things you can actually use…that I have a lot of respect for.

Case in point: Jordan Bartee, who mashed together a MIDI keyboard and a Commodore 64. Uniting them with the MIDIbox SID platform (which sounds impressive although I admit freely I don’t know what the hell it is) it’s now the Giana 64. Here he is doing that thing:

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Found via Synthgear.

Okay, it seems that bands are like DC comic book characters–they just die and come back anytime they feel like. For example, I only recently discovered that Kula Shaker was back. In fact, they re-released the fantastic album Peasants, Pigs and Astronauts as a two-disc set back in January. Which is good, because I couldn’t bring myself to post something from their woefully mediocre recent album, Strangefolk. Instead, here’s “Mystical Machine Gun,” from back in the good old days.

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And lastly, recorded at Rob Levy’s very own KDHX in St. Louis, it’s Mike Doughty with a short ditty off his most recent album, Sad Man Happy Man.

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