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From the Archives: Crime, Criterion and The Undead

James Brown: Motherlode

As the Needcoffee Archaeological Society, led by the intrepid ScottC, continues to strip mine the HTML archives for content gold to convert to WordPress, ScottC has expressed his disappointment. I think he misconstrued what we meant by “strip mine.” But we all press on nonetheless.

Some highlights of things we’ve found:

  • DVD reviews related to crime include the 2004 version of Helter Skelter, an Inspector Morse mystery, Without a Trace and the epic Yakuza Papers
  • The survival story of Shackleton has the DVD review of the Kenneth Branagh TV production as well as the Endurance documentary
  • The Jazz Casual series featuring Brubeck, Coltrane and B.B. King
  • Other television stuff with Highlander
  • Criterion releases for Last Temptation of Christ, Hiroshima Mon Amour and Night and Fog.
  • That movie is coming, so we converted the Season 1 review of The A-Team
  • And, well, zombies. Here’s the original Dawn of the Dead, the 2004 remake, and Return of the Living Dead.
  • We’ve been around for going on twelve years. So there’s still plenty of stuff to mine. Enjoy the archives.