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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: And Now, Regarding Wine

Celebrity Guide to Wine

Each week we like to kickstart your Monday with…wait, scratch that. I’ll start again.

Each week we like to kick your Monday in the face with a video so terribly odd that the rest of your work week will seem sane by comparison. It’s all in the mind. You’re welcome.

This week we go back to our friends at Everything is Terrible with the “Celebrity Guide to Wine.” Which is all well and good, but I know less about wine now than I did before I watched this. And a particular scene between Steven Seagal…and yes, that is Kelly LeBrock with him–the only thing more euphemistic than their exchange is an episode of Weekend Justice. Terrifying.

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Also, for an honorable mention–or if your brain simply isn’t addled enough–try Alien vs. Pooh. Found via Uncle Warren.