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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: That Yellow Satan

Killing of Satan

Every week we give you the “Mental Sorbet” treatment–the idea being that if you start your week off with a mind-destroying piece of WTFery, you’ll be well armed for the other unnatural shocks that the work week has in store. It’s like playing Mithradates with your sanity. Enjoy.

This time around we’re going back to the never-ending well of “Holy crap!” that is Everything is Terrible. And they’ve outdone themselves this time. I have no idea what in FSM’s name is happening in this clip, other than it looks like somebody got pissed at Satan and decided to take him down. With terrible special effects–which are, as we all know, Satan’s kryptonite.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Feel free to be terrified: it is available on DVD. Found over at EIT’s lab of mad science.