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Win Waiting for God: The Complete Collection on DVD!

Waiting for God: The Complete Collection DVD

It’s the complete series of the BBC comedy, Waiting for God. All five seasons are here in a single boxed set. And we’ve got three copies of the set to give away. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

The BBC brings to DVD the last season of the sidesplitting, cynical comedy about an elderly couple that refuses to grow old gracefully with the 2-disc DVD release of Waiting for God: Season Five. In the fifth and final season, Diana (Stephanie Cole, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Doc Martin) rejects Tom’s (Graham Cowden, Vanity Fair, The Way We Live Now) marriage proposal; so in his misery, he decides to go bungee jumping. At the very edge of his leap, Diana withdraws her refusal, but lays down strict ground rules for their future married life. Now the only challenge left is to live happily ever after! Also, available the same day is Waiting for God: The Complete Collection, which includes all five hysterical seasons of the beloved series in one complete box set.

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