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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Of Dinosaurs and Fancy Staircases

Nazi Dinosaurs

Every Monday we try to start your week off with a bit of WTFery. Something to jar the brain into functioning so you can better deal with the stresses that try to muck with your world.

This week we’re giving you something wild and weird but also wonderful. Apparently created over the course of five days with a total budget of $20, The Rise and Fall of the Nazi Dinosaurs is frankly a much better action film than many we’ve seen grace the big screen over the past few years. In fact, I think more dinosaur movies would be greatly improved by the introduction of Nazis. If somebody could just go in and add voiceovers with accents and Nazi uniforms to Spielberg‘s Lost World, I think that might actually make it worth watching.

Regardless, I await the sequel, which combines this with aspects of Dead Snow and gives us Nazi zombie dinosaurs.

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Found via Ectoplasmosis.