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My Dinners With Vincent #2: Fancy Franks, Part 2

Vincent Price

And so we’re back at last with the next chapter in the latest episode of me vs. food with the spirit of Vincent Price wondering why the hell I don’t speed it up and get the hot dogs done already. This special episode was recorded on Memorial Day and features me taking on two different hot dog recipes–at once! And things get intense.

You Can Find Part One Here. And stand by for part three.

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  • I cook one recipe a week from Vincent’s treasury. Some friendly advise; stay away from the jellied bits and bobs. Aspic is awful.

  • You are so likeable and can think of things to say and entertain on your feet in these videos and the wayhomers. Have you thought about combining the two and talking about horror movies while cooking a vincent meal? You could pitch it to Spike TV or something in time for Halloween?