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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Funk, Soul & Haggis

Honey Blo

Each Monday morning we want to give you something a little odd, a little off-kilter and a little WTF-ish so you can kick start your work week immunity. Let’s face it, your day job makes very little sense–so we figure the first post that kicks off the week should be about the same. And yes, a lot of Americans have the day off today–but we’re a worldwide site. So if my fellow countrymen want to save this until tomorrow, so be it.

Here we have a vid that is, on one hand, rather commendable. Honey Blo is the musician’s name, and he is arguably the only funk bagpipe player in the world. The fact that he is so unique is something to admire–especially when everybody, including a rodent puppet, does a double take when he tells them what he does. However, this is…hard to listen to. Not helping matters are the background dancers: a crowd which contains everything from Santa Claus to weird animal-headed death cult members.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Like I said, it’s not my bag (no pun intended). But you rock on with your bad self, Honey Blo. I salute you nonetheless. Here is his official site. And if you want to snag some of his stuff from Amazon, here you go.

Submitted by Daniel B.

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  • It seriously seems like it should be a Tim and Eric sketch but… it’s… oh so… incredibly real… *shivers with fear*