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The Young Evil Genius Wants To Color

Monkey Color!


I immediately dive under my desk and reach for my Etheric Disruptor. I take a breath and pop up ready to fire. Instead of a group of rampaging terrorist gorillas, it is the Junior Science Villain staring at me with a look that says “This must one of these grown up things I don’t understand yet.”

I relax and was going to explain to him that we were having some problem with the more radical elements of simian culture after Dindrane make some disparaging comments about gorillas during a Weekend Justice. But I had a feeling it would just sound like the grown ups in a Peanuts cartoon.

So I simply said, “Did you want something?”

He showed me a coloring book with a monkey on the cover.

It was a nice little coloring book from artist and illustrator Chet Phillips. It contains portraits from his Steampunk Monkey Nation and Society of Sinister Simians series. Imagine chimpanzees and bonobos in top hats and wielding brass implements of death. And plenty of goggles.

Here is an example from the book. Click on the image to get the full detail.

Phineas H. Flabbergast

“How cool.” I exclaimed. “Make sure to give one to Auntie Rox when you’re done .”

“I need crayons.” said the Young Evil Genius.

“Of course.” I gave him the crayons of Ulthar with Dealta Green, Brown Jenkin, and The Color Out Of Space. He’s four, he can handle it.

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