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The Irredeemable Collection From Black Phoenix

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

One of things I like about Black Phoenix is they aren’t cultural snobs. Their perfume descriptions usually feature erudite poetry; they have collections based on fine paintings, ancient Japanese art, and the plays of Shakespeare. However, instead of eschewing current pop cultures as being too low brow, they embrace and find inspiration in more modern fare.

We have had perfumes inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft and Neil Gaiman, and even on the newest anachronistic genre steampunk. Black Phoenix also has plenty of perfume collections based on that modern medium that mixes vibrant art, epic storytelling, and underwear perverts: comic books. Now Black Phoenix is adding two new perfume collections inspired by comics from Boom! Studios and Top Cow Productions.


Irredeemable scents by BPAL
The Irredeemable Collection From Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

What happens when an all powerful force for good loses his shit, decides humanity can fuck itself, and develops an insatiable appetite for destruction? An even bigger question is why? That is the central question in Mark Waid’s comic Irredeemable. The Plutonian, once a superhero of epic powers is now destroying entire cities, killing friends and foes alike, and holds the whole world in terror. The Paradigm, the superhero team he was once a member of, is discovering how little they know about their most powerful member. What’s worse is that some members hold secrets that could save them, break them, or both.

Black Phoenix has used an ingenious mix of ingredients to create perfumes that speak to the characters featured in The Irredeemable Collection. The Plutonian, for example, is a balanced mix of light cleanness that reflects the champion for justice that he was with a darker tone that reflects the engine of chaos that he is now. Mr. Qubit, the Paradigm’s technomage and master strategist is a cool scent, metallic and ozone with a tangy edge that hints that he is more than a mere gadgeteer. Bette Noir, the team’s gunsmith, is smoky like a just fired pistol with ripe dark fruits that suggest a dark femininity and even darker secrets. Check out these and other perfumes in this line at Black Phoenix.

Witchblade scents by BPAL
The Witchblade Collection From Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

The Witchblade: an ancient artifact of unimaginable power. Wielded by some of the most powerful women in history, it can kill and heal, protect the body and open the mind, and bond with a host but still have a mind of its own. Now it is worn by a tough as nails NYPD detective Sara Pezzini. Now, not only does she have to deal with the city’s criminal element, but with the world of magic and the supernatural. Her world expanded, she must learn how to use the Witchblade as she is the target of dark forces wanting the Witchblade for their own nefarious designs.

Again, Black Phoenix blends perfumes in the Witchblade Collection to reflect the characters in the comic. The actual Witchblade fragrance is a powerful blend of metallic overtones and antique incense, just what you would expect. The scent based on Sara Pezzini evokes the leather of a gun holster and the sweet musk of a powerful woman. Black Phoenix has made the Witchblade perfume to blend with the Sara Pezzini and the other in the collection to add and complements their scent, much like the Witchblade itself.

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