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More Happy Winners!

A Winner is You!

David Salley of Missouri can chase Nazis with Hunting Evil Audiobook

American Pickers Season 1 will be picking its way toward Amanda Nicely of Virginia

The Guild Season 3 goes to Loretta Petrie of Florida

Charlotte Stephens of California, Sandra Bigelow of Oregon, Darline Stoddard of New York, Sherwin Figuracion of California, and Deborah Wellenstein of Kansas can power up for Power Kids

Ice Road Truckers Season 3 on Blu-Ray will be rolling over to Paul Tunstall of Louisiana

Caroline Morin of Ontario wins Life on Blu-ray

Kimberly Faulkner of Illinois, Scott Jamerson of Pennsylvania, and Cheryl Phillips of California get to watch Travolta kick some butt in From Paris With Love

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