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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Russian Commercials or Psychological Warfare? You Must Decide.

Terrifying disembodied suit

Each week we want to start you off right: with a balanced breakfast for your brain. This meal should contain the Recommended Weekly Allowance of brain-numbing WTFery so that you can enter your work week inoculated against the insanity you will soon face. This is just a service we provide.

And yes, poking fun at the commercials of other countries is nothing new. And it’s easy pickings. Especially when you go back to 1987, which is when these Russian ads reportedly aired. However. After the chandelier which no doubt inspired Andrew Lloyd Webber, after the disembodied suits (within a commercial that, swear to God, is a lost Yes music video–also, I’m almost certain, shows you the entire contents of that particular store), and the weird cubicles hanging out in the middle of nowhere the couple is hanging onto while they listen to their oversized Walkman together…you’ll see we just damn well couldn’t help ourselves and can be held blameless in this.

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What was that brand of chandelier again…?