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Stuff You Need to Know: The Dawn of The Modern Marital Aid. Oh, and Judge Dredd.

Victorian vibrator

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  • Move swiftly, friends. Any season of X-Files you want is $13.99 today only–for just a few hours more–at Amazon. Here’s that link you need.
  • Considering a recent episode of Weekend Justice, this news will interest some members of the league. The movie is Hysteria and takes place in Victorian-era England around the same time that the vibrator was invented. It stars Hugh Dancy and Jonathan Pryce as doctors treating the titular affliction. Dancy and Rupert Everett experiment with the new device while Maggie Gyllenhaal will play Pryce’s daughter. Yes. I say do a double feature between this and the Darwin movie Creation and that way you’re sure to offend somebody! Source.
  • Karl Urban is the new Judge Dredd. Apparently he will take off his helmet. That’s all you need to know. Source.
  • The Sweeney feature film will star Ray Winstone as “no-nonsense policeman Jack Regan.” Makes sense. Winstone is about as no-nonsense as you can get when he decides to play hard. Source.
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  • A complete series set of Batman Beyond hits November 23rd from Warner Brothers. There will be three new featurettes exclusive to the set, FYI. Click here to pre-order yours.
  • Highlander is coming to Blu-Ray from Lionsgate. You can pre-order yours here. I would tell you that the sequel is also coming to Blu-Ray, but that would be mental, because as we all know: there were no sequels.
  • The second season of Lie to Me is hitting DVD on November 9th from Fox. I know Amazon says October 12th but I think it’s been moved. No Blu-Ray date yet. Click here to pre-order yours.