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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Tom Waits Answers Questions… His Way

Tom Waits in a tree

Each week we like to start you off right…or at least definitely off center…with a little something to jar your mind. I don’t mean putting you mind in a jar literally–because that’s what the work week has a tendency to do with you. Perhaps the best way to think of this Mental Sorbet is a little plastic castle inside the jar that houses your mind. Or a treasure chest that opens and closes. Something for you to amuse yourself with.

This time we have an appearance–or a series of appearances, hard to say–of Tom Waits on Swedish television. I love how he answers all of his questions the same manner and tone whether he’s telling the truth or just making stuff up. Or perhaps it’s all the truth but only in the higher plane that Waits hails from. We may never know.

Following that bit is a deleted scene from the classic film Mystery Men. Simply because we can. Update: That’s been removed…the new one is unembeddable. So here you go.

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