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More Minty Fresh Winners!

Dirk in the Mint

Patrick Bendes of Arkansas, Monte Lloyd of Texas, and David Coggins of Ohio will be getting some Hawaiian history with Princess Kaiulani

Jan Pressman of Tennessee has won the Literary Classics set

Doug Benson: Hypocritical Oaf will be delivering much guffawing to Vinny DeCesare of Connecticut, Josh Valley of Colorado, and Rochelle Berger of California

SNL Collection- The Best of Adam Sandler & The Best of Eddie Murphy will be sharing nostalgic hijinks with Spencer Maddock of Vermont, Victor West of Delaware, and Ann Jeka of Indiana

Killers goes to Jane Cousin of Iowa

Beatdown will be smacking around Gerald Phannenstill of Illinois, Claude Thomas of Washington, and Kelly Cornell of British Columbia…but in a nice way, of course

The Story of Us on Blu-ray will be telling tales to Emily Cobb of Alabama

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Image by Gudlyf.