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Threadless’ Latest Shirt Asks: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

House Brawl - Harry Potter shirt from Threadless

So we haven’t done a lot of pointing you at Threadless recently. Partly because we’ve been so damn busy. Partly because there hasn’t been a huge stack of shirts over there that we felt we had to get in front of you or risk dying by lack of geek-informativeness. And a lot of them aren’t black. But as you know, ever once in a while a non-black shirt is so revelatory that we feel the need to tell you about it anyway. And this is just such a shirt.

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a series summed up in one picture before–certainly not one so apt and so hilarious at the same time. And with such gorgeous results. It’s House Brawl by Alex Solis and Alice X. Zhang. And this is apparently the highest scoring shirt in Threadless history. Damn. Click through to see the full skinnee on it, but suffice it to say that the shirt is not in 3D either. It’s not in black, sure, but what can you do?