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Threadless: Black Hole Friday Lasts All Weekend Long

Land of the Free? by Threadless

Well, the t-shirt from Threadless we’ve pictured here–Land of the Free? by David Vincent Wolf–would be enough to warrant a post. The insane security theater of the TSA, where they specialize in everything from making children and sexual assault victims cry to irradiating your genitals, really pisses me off. So this manages to be a great statement on that and the eroding liberties we have here in America and still be funny. So there’s that.

But you should also be aware that they have a Black Hole Friday sale, with a crapton of shirts on sale for $10 and hoodies for $30. I know it’s Black Hole Friday but it doesn’t end until 10am CST Tuesday. The sale includes Land of the Free? and many others. So hey, holiday shopping for cheap is your friend. Follow this link and enjoy.