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Your Monday Morning Holiday Sorbet: The Cult of Spunky

Spunky the Snowman

As it’s a Monday morning, we take this opportunity not only to prep you for the work week at hand, but also to preface this year’s 13 Days of Xmas, which begins today. True, every week we like to kick you off properly with something either weirdly awesome or awesomely weird. And when it comes to Xmas, well, there’s a weird buffet available.

This time around, though, we tap the Russian-dubbed-into-English 1958 cartoon, “Spunky the Snowman.” You’ll see why shortly after it begins, when the Frosty tale analog takes on an insidious cultish turn. Just imagine “One of us! One of us!” being chanted while they dance around Spunky. And why are the animals such evil bastards? And since when is Santa Claus from Krypton? Ponder these questions and more as you watch the animated tale of the original Buckethead.

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