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The New Hotness From Threadless

Yes again Threadless presents a couple of gems that are so perfect for a couple of Needcoffee staffers, it’s a little creepy.

Dindrane does not support the exploitation of animals for silly cereals, but no doubt she will show favor on this Threadless shirt: “Taste of the Wild.” Seeing the animals together not eating other and showing the cooperation they will show when the Glorious Revolution begins and ends the Era of Man–this pleases her. All of you are so screwed.

Threadless Taste of the Wild

Anyone who knows me will understand why I like this shirt: “Crazy Night.” My only question arising from the muppet’s expression is this the muppet’s first time?

Threadless Crazy Night

Also, bear in mind that they still have a bunch of tees on $10 clearance. Go forth and stock up while you can!