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Albarn and Dee Are On Their Own

Damon Albarn

Remember a few months back, when I mentioned that Alan Moore, Damon Albarn, and Jamie Hewlett were planning on doing a rock opera about the life of Magician John Dee? Well apparently that’s not happening anymore, as Moore and Hewlett have dropped out. But Albarn Really wanted to make this thing, so he just went ahead and did it anyway.

From the Guardian Article:

The genesis of Doctor Dee dates back at least two years. Alex Poots, the Manchester festival’s director, had approached the writer and graphic novelist Alan Moore with a view to involving him in a stage production, and Moore’s passionate interest in Dee led to a meeting with Albarn and Hewlett. Albarn had already begun to think about working on an unspecified “heartfelt English piece,” and learning about Dee’s story hardened his resolve – but Moore and Hewlett then dropped out, leaving Albarn in charge of the project.

Moore’s reasons for dropping the project can be heard in the video below the break, but Hewlett’s reasons seem to still be a mystery.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

I’d really have loved to see what Moore could have put together on this, but, if the Guardian article is any indication, Albarn was very much in love with the ideas behind this project, so hopefully it will still be good enough A) to be worth seeing and B) come across the pond. At least in DVD form.

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