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Stuff Bulletin: Walking Dead Special Edition Available For Pre-Order

Walking Dead: The Complete First Season 3-Disc Blu-Ray Special Edition

Well, we mentioned it on a fairly recent episode of Weekend Justice: before the second season of The Walking Dead hits, we’re going to be treated to a fairly more mondo edition of the first season than we had previously seen.

You get three ways to enjoy the new special edition, apparently. There’s a DVD, Blu-Ray and “Limited Edition Blu-Ray Collector’s Tin.”

All three versions have a black and white version of the pilot episode, which serves as both a nod to the original comic and a nod to the origins of the genre, the classic Night of the Living Dead. Sweet. There’s also commentaries on every episode, an effects featurette, a makeup featurette, a featurette about the phenomenon, one covering the adaptation and convos with now-departed Frank Darabont and also Greg Nicotero. There’s also “We Are The Walking Dead,” which is more than likely a cast/character featurette. And all the previous bonus bits from the original release are back.

[ad#rightpost]The limited edition tin comes with “an exclusive wearable zombie mask from NECA designed by the series own make-up artist, Greg Nicotero.” Also, the first 100,000 units of the Blu-Ray and Tin together include an exclusive “Cryptozoic ‘The Walking Dead’ trading card.”

This comes out October 4th. No sign of the tin version yet, but Blu-Ray and DVD are both available for pre-order. When the tin becomes available, I’ll give a yell.

Two things on this: if you want to support the show, buy this. Yes, it’s the set you wanted to begin with but you couldn’t wait to snag the first set and neither could anyone else. It’s the zombie TV show we all dreamed off–no shame in double-dipping. Also, if you’re going to snag it from anywhere, snag it via our links here. We get kickbacks and that helps pay for things. Thanks in advance.

Also, right now the DVD is only $10 cheaper than the Blu-Ray…so if you can do hi-def, I’d say go for it.

Special Edition Blu-Ray pre-order here.
Special Edition DVD pre-order here.