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Threadless $12 Back to School Sale is Happening

Perfect Timing from Threadless, by Niel Quisaba

We like to let you know when nice things go on sale. Threadless shirts are nice things. And they’re now $12 (some are $10). I wish I had realized this was coming because I ordered one right before the sale started, foolish me. Do not make my mistake. Take advantage while you can. And shirts have no expiry date, so grab some for Christmas and other occasions while they’re cheaper.

A couple of quick suggestions. There’s the new shirt “Eating Competition” by Mike Riesel and Aaron Jay that will no doubt be Dindrane-approved for animal content and Siege-approved for carnage content. Also for $12 is the fantastic “Doctor-Hoo” shirt we’ve talked about before, recently reprinted. And speaking of reprints, if you absolutely must go out and face The Dayball, you might as well astound your compatriots with a shirt that changes when you’re out in it. It’s “The Cheshire,” of course. I don’t recommend going outside, though. But if you must.

And lastly, the new one we have the image for here: “Perfect Timing” by Niel Quisaba. Because that’s always the way, isn’t it? How many times have you finally got that perfect romantic moment…only to be interrupted by a Miyazaki-esque horror coming over the horizon, spreading chaos in its wake? We’ve all been there, I know.

Enjoy the sale. Find it all here. Or you can always peruse previous posts about Threadless for other ideas.