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Back to School for Our Winners!

An unruly pupil's first day at school

Mr. Tumnus will be welcoming Anita Toney of New Mexico, Billy Benson of Pennsylvania, and Robert Warrick of Connecticut into Narnia with The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

Rosa Turk of Georgia, Kay Waters of Nebraska, and Jeff Mcneil of North Carolina will be battling alien arachnids with Dr. Who: Planet of the Spiders

Emma Hawes of Missouri can catch some Lifetime bio-drama with William and Kate

The Madagascar Blu-rays go to Erika Trotter of Texas, Curtis Glidden of Oregon, and Wilma Horan of California

Kelley Schroeder of Missouri will be showing her pride for the Pods with a Miskatonic University T-Shirt

The Glades Season 1 will be sharing the sunshine with Jeanne Abbey of Ontario and Harry Shivers of Virginia

Burn Notice Season 4 and White Collar Season 2 can share their wacky hijinks with Judy Brainard of Illinois

Myra Strom of Colorado will be delving into the past with Ancient Aliens: Season 2

Catherine Bills of Florida, Michelle Marlow of New York, and Marion Watson of Indiana get the N-Secure DVDs

Company Men will be working with Juan Lacey of Louisiana

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