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Music Monday: Mariza, Glen Campbell, Primus & More…

More music picks for your Monday, co-curated by Rob Levy. If you like what you hear, use the links provided to snag it for yourself from Amazon. Doing so through us gives us kickbacks, and those help pay for stuff like more bandwidth. And also so we can buy more music. Just note: any prices we quote are accurate as of when this post goes up.

Mariza: Concert em Lisboa
Glen Campbell: Ghost on the Canvas

Rob throws us the concert Concerto Em Lisboa with singer Mariza. I’ve listened to some of it–it’s freaking gorgeous. Rob says “Fado music is pretty incredible and Mariza is the reigning diva of the genre. You can hear the emotion in her voice. Lisbon Fado deals with themes of loss and separation quite often.” Here’s the track “Gente Da Minha Terra.”

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That’s available as a CD (which comes with a bonus DVD containing a docu) or a DVD (which this footage was taken from, I believe). Man, I am a sucker for strings.

Rob also throws us some Glen Campbell. We’ve been talking about him recently because of his Alzheimer’s diagnosis and his farewell tour. My parents got to meet him on the last show where he came out afterwards, in Biloxi. Rob caught him live as well. He says “Chris Isaak and Paul Westerberg are among those who guest star on Campbell’s intensely emotional swan song. Campbell’s songs are rich and his voice remains vibrant. Be warned this is potent stuff, heartbreaking, uplifting, intense and poignant. A fine curtain call for an American Treasure.” This is “A Better Place.”

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Ghost on the Canvas is the album and it’s available as an MP3 download or a CD. It’s worth it.

Primus: Green Naugahyde
Seeed: New Dubby Conquerors

New Primus? Oh hells yes. The album is Green Naugahyde and the song that cranks my tractor the most is “Lee Van Cleef.”

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Just fantastic. The album’s available as an MP3 download for less than $7. I love living in the future. CD’s up for less than $10. You know you want it.

After digging Peter Fox and his monkey-infused music with “Alles Neu” a couple of years back, I slowly and steadily checked out his work with Seeed, which I can honestly say is my favorite German reggae-dancehall band. Here’s “Walk Upright,” from their first album New Dubby Conquerors.

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The CD appears to be out of print, at least on this side of the pond. I recommend the MP3 download version for less than $10.

New Order: Power Corruption and Lies
That Noise: Derivatives

Rob’s final selection for this week is from New Order and Power, Corruption & Lies. He says, “A forgotten gem form the now defunct New Order. The songs have great melodies propelled by Peter Hook’s remarkable basslines and Bernard Sumner’s clever lyrics. This is the sound of a band coming into its own.” This is “Lonesome Tonight.”

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The album is available in a two-disc remastered edition from 2008 that has the bonus disc including the above track. Or you can get the equivalent MP3 downloads for a bit less.

And lastly, a cover song that I just discovered–and new to us means content gold. That Is The Law. So here’s That Noise covering Kings of Leon and “Sex on Fire.”

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That’s from their EP from 2009, Derivatives. It’s available for less than $6 as an MP3 download from Amazon.