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Now Is The Time…to Win Stuff!

Victory poster
Are we the only ones who wonder if they're sharing a single pair of legs...?

Boondock Saints will be going to Albert Creekmore of Maryland, Martin Sartin of Arizona, and Norman Traynor of Michigan

Becky Sites of Texas and Craig Gibbs of Ontario will be exploring Cyrus: The Mind of a Serial Killer

Cedar Rapids will be rushing down to Antonio Farkas of Tennessee, Shirley Boisvert of New York, and Kelly Skibbe of Illinois

It’s scary time with Nic Cage for Lisa Mattison of Ohio, William Halpern of Nevada, and Chad Feinberg of New Jersey, who have won Season of the Witch

Lynne DuGuay of New York will be seeing double with the Doppelganger Double Stout T-shirt

Tim & Eric Awesome Show Season 5 DVDs are going to the awesome Carrie Schuster of Georgia, Gina Leo of California, and Joseph Morton of North Carolina

Andrew Arrington of Florida, Adrienne Marinelli of Wyoming, and Sheila Cohen of Maryland will be Bending All the Rules

Golden Years: David Bowie vs. KCRW CDs go to Michael McLane of Pennsylvania and Shelley Frontiero of Massachusetts

Put your dancing shoes on- Kristin Peachey of Kansas, *Frank Guertin of Vermont, and Kay Lettner of Wisconsin have won Immigration Tango

Roy Treadwell of British Colombia can enjoy the Peter Tosh Legacy Editions CDs

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