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32 Days of Halloween V, Movie Night No. 1: Daughter of Horror

Daughter of Horror

As has been tradition, the first movie night of 32 Days of Halloween is pretty much a random pick. So we’re going to go with the film known as Daughter of Horror. The weird bit about this is that the original is called Dementia, and that’s not a part of any franchise with, say, Dementia 13 (which we’ve shown you a bit of before). The original had no dialogue and was just odd. This new cut version, that goes by this name, gets even odder. Why? Because they felt compelled to add narration. By…Ed McMahon. By Ed McMahon…trying to sound spooky. Which is freaky, yes, but not entirely in the way they intended.

The other reason this is a winner…you’ll notice the opening titles are “Exploitation Productions Incorporated Presents.” Subtle, I know.

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Our previous endeavors with the first movie night included, in order, The Killer Shrews, She Demons, Carnival of Souls and finally, last year it was Don’t Look in the Basement.