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Our Winners Jump For Joy!

Jump For Joy: Peggy Lee

…or at least sing selections from the album.

The signed copies of Jackass 3.5 will be hauled (via burro or other speedy equivalent) to Bill Riggs of Hawaii, Diane Forbes of Pennsylvania and Bernard Bradley of Ontario.

Our latest Nightmare on Sesame Street T-Shirt winner is Rob Fisk of Connecticut, who shall no doubt sleep soundly knowing of his win.

The Waterboys’ In a Special Place album will want in two special places: the homes of John Schmidt of Ohio and Peggy Boone of North Carolina

MI-5 Vol. 9 will be included in the dossiers of Roger Stevens of Wisconsin, Jo Malone of Washington and Derrick Oliver of Georgia

The Nick Cave albums will wind up in the hands of Morris Klein of Florida

The Last of the Summer Wine ’90 will be resting in the wine cellar (or video shelf) of Stephanie Garcia of Arizona, Rick Dover of Arkansas and Tammey Weaver of California

Boy Meets World Season 6 will be meeting shortly with Donald Orr of Delaware, Mandy West of Kansas and Patti Wilson of North Carolina

Copies of Norm MacDonald: Me Doing Standup will be doing a little trip to Melia Koerner of New York, Kevin Rafferty of Florida and Christopher Clinkenbeard of Texas

And lastly, Doctor Who: Gunfighters will be drawing a bead on Jay Hill of Kentucky, Erin Moss of Georgia and Adam Kellett of Louisiana

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